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SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Gummies Hair Booster

SEPHORA COLLECTION Beauty Gummies Hair Booster

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BEAUTY GUMMIES  vegan food supplements take care of the skin and hair. Doses of vitamins and minerals, the delicious SEPHORA COLLECTION gummies are formulated from fruit pectin, a natural gelling agent that makes the texture smooth and super soft.

- Vegan
- Made in France
- Natural flavors
- No artificial colors
- 2 gummies per day

A team of scientists has selected the most appropriate ingredients to develop a formula with targeted benefits. HAIR BOOSTER dietary supplements contain biotin and selenium which promote hair growth and improve the appearance of nails.

These HAIR BOOSTER food supplements contain a natural mango flavor and are formulated without artificial colors. 

(1) Beauty gummies: beauty chewing gums
(2) Thanks to the action of vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen to ensure the normal function of the skin.
(3) For HAIR BOOSTER - HAIR BOOSTER: thanks to Biotin and Selenium which help maintain normal hair.